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Fourteen years ago when bullying was starting to become one of the hot topics in education, before the federal and state governments starting mandating bullying policies, and because my son came home as a target/victim of bullying, I looked to develop a program that would teach kids what to know and do about bullying. As a result, via my dissertation for my PhD and the growing research behind the Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports (PBIS), I started the “I Am Unafraid” anti-bullying series. “I Am Unafraid” empowers students with WHAT to do in bullying situations, while showing them WHY and HOW.

With the constant threat of physical, social and emotional bullying, the research is clear: (1) parental involvement and (2) self-empowerment can reduce bullying on average of 50%.

The “I Am Unafraid” anti-bullying series utilizes four self-empowering, research-based strategies:


We teach children the Golden Rule, “Treat others the way you want to be treated” and they believe it. They also need to learn when to stay away from those who don’t believe the Golden Rule and “try to be the boss of you”. The first selfe-mpowerment strategy to teach our children is AVOID BULLIES.

- Find A Friend

Have them repeat after you, “I will never, ever, be in my school, neighborhood or anywhere by myself!” If children can see us, we can help them;if children can’t see us, we can’t help them. If they’re going somewhere and there may not be an adult, the second self-empowerment strategy to teach our children is FIND A FRIEND.

- Report Bullying

According to research, most children do not report bullying. No doubt, kids need to learn the difference between tattling and telling. Try this: “Tattling is trying to get someone in trouble. Telling is trying to get someone out of trouble.” The third self-empowerment strategy to teach our children is REPORT BULLYING.

- Act Confident

Every great athlete will tell you that his or her greatest strength is confidence. And research is compelling: those who have a “game face” are less likely to be a target of bullying. The neat thing about this one is, if our children Avoid Bullies, Find a Friend and Report Bullying, they’re already learning the fourth self-empowerment strategy: ACT CONFIDENT.


At the end of each story is the “BACKPACK STASH”. This is an excellent opportunity to engage your readers with “I LAUGHED, I LISTENED, I LEARNED” to make sure each lesson makes a difference.

Getting children to talk about Bullying is essential. Engaging them with stories and songs that entertain and educate help them address this difficult issue. Let’s face it – bullying is not going away. However, bringing awareness to the issue empowers your children, your family and the people in your community.

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Jay Banks
creator - Singer, Song Writer, Author

Dr. Banks is currently in demand for school assemblies in elementary through high schools and universities. He addresses a nationwide emphasis promoting character education, anti-bullying, drug awareness, behavior management, leadership, and family-related issues like divorce & family enrichment.

With a Bachelor of Science in Education, a Masters in Curriculum & Instructional Technology, and a Ph.D. for Professional Studies in Education Specialization, he is a featured speaker at seminars, conventions, and in-service and professional development certification for teachers, educators, and business professionals, along with parent, family, and church programs.
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David Pines
Chief Creative Developer - Artist, Animator, Design

David graduated from Saint Mary's University of Minnesota with a BA in graphic design and a minor in art history. He has been working professionally for the past ten years as a motion graphic artist and graphic designer. He has won two awards for design and animation in the 2009 Telly Awards.

A versatile designer, with professional and managerial experience as a multimedia graphic artist, art director, photo manipulation designer, illustratior, motion graphic artist, print designer and web designer. An enthusiastic, goal oriented, self-motivated, passionate about creativity and a determined worker who is always pushing the limits of what can be accomplished. - More Info

David Browning
Music Producer - Music Production, Composer

David Browning has been an active force in the professional music scene for nearly two decades. Starting his professional career as a touring keyboardist, David traveled with many of Christian music's top artists, including Avalon, Natalie Grant, Greg Long, Michael English, Billy Graham Ministries, Jonathan Pierce, Tony Vincent, Al Denson, Joel Osteen Ministries and Lisa Bevill.

Progressing further as a songwriter and producer, David worked with many renowned artists, including the infamous "Christian years" with Katy Perry, Amy Grant, Ce Ce Winans, Jump 5 and Japanese sensation JP Lam, as well as broadcast production work for NFLʼs Monday Night Football and Pro Bowl, ESPN and others.

David has continued to be a part of many international radio hits throughout the world for artists such as Canadian boy-band Hollywood Heroes, Korean pop artist Gummy, and dance up-and-comer Gabriela.