Avoid bullies

Stay Away
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We teach children the Golden Rule, “Treat others the way you want to be treated” and they believe it. They also need to learn when to stay away from those who don’t believe the Golden Rule and “try to be the boss of you”. The first self-empowerment strategy to teach our children is AVOID BULLIES.

Iggy enjoys riding round and round in his bumper car at the county fair until a bully shows up to wreck his fun. What should Iggy do?

Stay Away From The The Bully on the Bumper Cars

Find A Friend

Take A Friend
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Have them repeat after you, “I will never, ever, be in my school, neighborhood or anywhere by myself!” If children can see us, we can help them; if children can’t see us, we can’t help them. If they’re going somewhere and there may not be an adult, the second self-empowerment strategy to teach our children is FIND A FRIEND.

Travel to a distant planet in search of the greatest thrill ride. But when the ride breaks down, will you be alone in the dark or take Wahbootoo's advice?

Friends in Outer Space

Report Bullying

Tell Someone
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According to research, most children do not report bullying. No doubt, kids need to learn the difference between tattling and telling. Try this: “Tattling is trying to get someone in trouble. Telling is trying to get someone out of trouble.” The third self-empowerment strategy to teach our children is REPORT BULLYING.

The jungle is full of interesting characters and some not so interesting. And when they start bullying, will Cammy Chameleon just blend in again?

Cammy Tells

Act Confident

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Every great athlete will tell you that his or her greatest strength is confidence. And research is compelling: those who have a “game face” are less likely to be a target of bullying. The neat thing about this one is, if our children Avoid Bullies, Find a Friend and Report Bullying, they’re already learning the fourth self-empowerment strategy: ACT CONFIDENT.

The Hamlet Honey Bees are losing to the Boondock Teddy Bears when a REAL bear shows up. What will the Bees learn from the bear?

Confidence at Center Ice